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by Sound Survivors & Invincible Temple

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The first ever EP length collab joint of the Sound Survivors Crew! Together with the Chicago based crew Invincible Temple (Popa Wu Records) the Sound Survivors created a raw and cineastic record that reminds heavily of the first days of the Wu-Tang Clan when samples were crackling and voices sounded like recorded with Playmobil Mics. Limited to 100 (!) 12" Vinyl copies this is really a nice collectors item - with the best possible sound we could get out of those old recording session tapes.


released August 26, 2013

Original Release Date: 28th November 2008
Production: DJ Tom Select, Invincible Temple
Arrangement/Mix/Cuts/FX: DJ Tom Select for Lost Hill Music
Vocals: Sound Survivors, Invincible Temple
Mastering: Lost Hill Redo Factory
Artwork/Cover Design: Marabou for Sound Survivors
Label: Rapublik Records/MKZwo Records/Popa Wu Records
Invincible Temple are: Golden Mastah, Last Bronzeman, Jade Lohan




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